Strength & Fitness Training Goffstown & Windham, NH

Strength & Fitness Training

Balance Physical Therapy offers you the best place to become your best self with qualified and caring physical therapists and NATA and NSCA specialists to guide you on your fitness journey! We offer 40 minute and hour-long Strength and Conditioning sessions with masters-level and doctorate-level physical therapists who are also certified strength and conditioning specialists and athletic trainers with over 20 years of experience. Best of all, we make fitness mentally interactive, physically challenging, and fun! When you train with us, you’re training with professionals.

Customized Personal Training

At Balance Physical Therapy, we make personal training personal. We customize your training sessions to fit your goals, lifestyle, and needs. Before we begin any program, we meet for an hour evaluation in which we discuss your goals, aspirations, challenges, any health conditions or limitations, and anything else relevant to your fitness success and most importantly, assess your fitness level.

Team Training

Professionals at Balance will design a program that fits your sport and is customized to the age and skill level of your athletes. The programs that we design are based on the latest research coming from the strength and conditioning world combined with the knowledge and science we bring from the sports medicine and physical therapy community. We offer a unique approach that combines preparation, injury prevention, and sports performance. The foundation of this approach is based on the premise that athletes must first and foremost execute proper form with movement. Once form is established they can safely and effectively develop strength, quickness and agility, linear speed, explosive force production (jumping, direction change, pushing/thrusting) and anaerobic and aerobic fitness based on the demands of the given sport. Programs are offered in-house in our Windham and Goffstown locations for smaller groups and on-site for larger teams and organizations. For more information, Contact Us Today at Goffstown & Windham, NH Centers.