Kaltenborn Method Goffstown & Windham, NH

Kaltenborn Method

In 2008 Co-founders, Chris and Pete were accepted into the 1-year residency program at the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and completed the Certificate program at the end of that year. Pete went on to complete the Level II Fellowship program in 2009.

The IOMT approach is rooted in the Kalthenborn/Evjenth Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) System. At its core are in-depth anatomical and biomechanical principals developed and fine-tuned through years of clinical experience and evidence-based research.

IOMT emphasizes the sequential process of differential diagnosis. This approach allows treatment to be focused, individualized, and tailored to ensure better outcomes and excellence in quality care (IOMT website: iomtwoburn.com).

At Balance Physical Therapy, we have used the IOMTs approach as the foundation of our evaluation and treatment. Its unique and effective approach to problem-solving with the straightforward to the very complicated patient, has been invaluable in our practice. Over the last 10 years since graduating from the program, we have taught and continue to teach this approach to our staff and encourage continuing education at the “Institute”.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Martin Langaas, PT, OMT, FAAOMPT, who is the director, founder and lead instructor of the program.

Martin graduated in 1982 from the Physical Therapy College in Berlin, Germany, and after graduation, returned to Norway to attend the National Norwegian Fellowship Program. He trained extensively with Olaf Evjenth and Freddy Kaltenborn, the developers of the Kaltenborn/Evjenth Orthopaedic Manual Therapy System. Martin completed the Fellowship Program and obtained his OMT certification in 1989, moving shortly thereafter to the United States. With a passion for education and teaching, Martin founded and opened the IOMT in Woburn, Massachusetts. For more information, Contact Us Today at Goffstown & Windham, NH Centers.