How Anti-Gravity Treadmills Can Help With Injury Recovery in Distance Runners

How Anti-Gravity Treadmills Can Help With Injury Recovery in Distance Runners

So maybe we aren’t in flying cars or living on the moon just yet, but there’s no denying that the future of technology has certainly arrived. Alter G’s antigravity treadmill provides a way to mimic the reduction of gravity and its effects on the body without requiring you to make a trip to the moon!

Alter G’s antigravity treadmill approach is proving to be an incredibly impactful piece of technology that can be used in a variety of use cases, ranging from competitive distance runners with complex training plans, to those recovering from an injury or surgery. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all exercise or rehabilitation approach, but if you want to learn more, keep reading!

What is an Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

There’s a good chance you’ve run (or at least walked) on a treadmill before. However, Alter G is totally different from any old run of the mill equipment you’ll find in a gym or fitness center! Alter G utilizes technology that has been patented by NASA. This device allows athletes and patients to practice running or walking by reducing their body weight.

This technology was originally developed for astronauts seeking to stay fit while in space, however, the technology was first intended to increase their apparent weight, which is essential for astronauts’ bones and muscles.

Down here on planet Earth, the same approach can be used to lessen the impact of exercise on the joints. When stepping into the device, a patient or athlete’s lower body is closed within an airtight chamber including a skirt around the waist. They can select the intensity of the faux gravitational resistance, altering the level of difficulty the workout will be. From there, equipment will adjust the air pressure in the chamber to produce the desired environment. Pretty cool!

What Does This Technology Do?

Weight is the top enemy for many joint conditions, and therefore, so is gravity! The result is painful discomfort that creates a pathway to additional problems in the future from excessive use or adopting a sedentary lifestyle to avoid those activities altogether.

By utilizing Alter G’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill, patients and athletes alike can still enjoy a strenuous cardiovascular workout and strengthen their lower body muscles without inflicting damage on joints that would be injured with “full gravity.”

Who Can Benefit From Using It?

Joint pain and wear and tear can affect different people in various ways, but because everyone is at risk for developing joint pain, that means that virtually anyone can benefit from this technology by tailoring a specialized plan for their needs.

Below are common reasons Alter G could be beneficial:

  • Recovery After Surgery: No matter the patient or athlete’s age, those coming out of surgery often have a long and difficult recovery process. Oftentimes, different parts of the body advance at different rates during recovery as well, which can cause problems. The ability to customize the resistance on the lower extremities and increase or decrease intensity as required can be an enormous game-changer for those looking to get back on their feet following surgery. The ideal environment for patients to exercise during recovery provides a safe space to avoid a major setback with a potential fall.
  • Athletes In High-Performance Sports: Long-distance runners really add on the mileage when they’re training, and this can present enormous risks of painful joint damage. Not only can the low gravity environment provided with Alter G’s treadmill help diminish joint wear, but it can also correct the bad habits of improper form that can arise with exhaustion and muscle overexertion. By focusing on the correct form and motion, you can run longer and faster!
  • Rehabilitation From Injury: Joint pain and wear aren’t the only dangers to your body! Fractures, breaks, and damage to ligaments that support the knees and ankles can keep you benched for a while as well. Working your way back to 100% can take a long time, especially if the main prognosis is to get as much rest as possible. The extended time off can lead to muscle weakness, not only located in the affected area but the entire lower body and cardiovascular system. By reducing the harmful effects of gravity on the body, one can stay active without exacerbating the injury, getting back into form quicker than ever.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete searching for new ways to exercise and cool new technology to incorporate into your workout routine, or if you’re a patient recovering from a recent difficult surgery. Alter G’s Antigravity Treadmill could provide the exact environment and challenge you’re looking for! Contact Balance Rehabilitation & Health Science today to learn more about this technology, and if it would be a good fit for you.

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