The Serra’s

Miss Serra

Thank you ALL for what you did to get my daughter back in the game!

From her Physical Therapist, Kathy Cortelyou (Balance Physical Therapy), to Dr. Gallo (NH Foot and Ankle), to Concord Orthopedics, to Dr. Lyle Micheli and Dr. De’Hemercort (Boston Children’s Hospital), and Dr. A Sabra (Boston Neurologist), as well as the referral dept at Elliot Medical Center, who did their part to get her the medical care she needed. After PT, orthotics, 2 never induction tests (normal), and 4 injection shots to the right ankle area, the ultrasound-guided LAST shot to target the Bassett Ligament worked!!!

As of May 2018, all your efforts made her happy to play Lacrosse again!!! Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, but THANK YOU for all that you do…IT MADE A DIFFERENCE, and we wanted you to know.