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"When I was a high school freshman I hurt my knee. I checked out three Physical Therapy facilities and Balance Physical Therapy was the most welcoming place. I've been working with Pete for three years now. I've gotten faster and stronger and he has helped me strengthen my core. I haven't had any serious injuries at all during my time at Balance. I didn't even realize I had the strength in me to do what they've gotten me to do!"

-- T.M. Competitive Athlete, Soccer.

Balance Physcial Therapy And Athletics

At Balance Physical Therapy, we’re athletes-rugby players, triathletes, skiers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, kayakers, and sailing enthusiasts. As educators of best practices in athleticism, we play what we preach. We know the physical demands of your favorite activities because they’re our favorite activities as well! With masters and doctorates in physical therapy as well as certifications in athletic training and strength and conditioning, we have the education and experience to offer you the best strategies to become your strongest, fastest, and agile self on the field, court, water, or wherever you are. With our expertise, we are equipped to keep you fit and uninjured during your favorite pastimes. We’ve worked within every sport including soccer, rugby, football, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, running, triathlons, tennis, golf, and more, and we help college, high school, professional, and “weekend” athletes alike improve their game and prevent and recover from injury. We welcome the opportunity to customize a program for you!

Our Programs Include:

Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injuries require prompt consultation with a sports medicine clinician. A timely evaluation of your injury lessens your recovery time and could prevent you from developing a more serious injury. Our physical therapists work as a team to help you return to the field fast and fit!

Sports Performance and Injury Prevention

Knee and ankle injuries are extremely common in skiers and athletes who play soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball, rugby, volleyball, and tennis. Numerous studies indicate that certain exercises will prevent common sports-related injuries and improve your speed, agility, power, and overall performance. With techniques that minimize shoulder and back injuries, our programs are proven to reduce injuries and improve your game!

Our co-founder and active PT Chris Pierce has presented on the topic of ACL Injury and Pediatric Shoulder injuries at the Magic City Sports Medicine Conference, and on ACL injuries in the female athlete to New Hampshire Association of Physical Therapists (NHAPTA).

Did You Know?

Female athletes are 3-8 times more likely than male athletes to incur a knee or ankle injury in their respective sports. Our ACL BE FAST Training Program is specifically designed for female athletes (ages 11-21) who want to stay fit, safe, and in the game!

Sports Strengthening and Conditioning

Ready to be stronger, faster, better, smarter, and less prone to injury? Our customized sports strengthening and conditioning programs are dictated by your goals and aspirations. With nutritional consultations outlining the best foods to keep you energized and alert, our program also incorporates injury prevention and body mechanics training in a series of practical sessions that take place on and off the field.

The Program Entails:

  • Initial evaluation of strength and fitness level
  • Education on proper dynamic warm-up and stretching
  • Functional training and cool down exercises
  • Education about common movement errors that lead to non-contact injuries
  • Methods to prevent non-contact injuries
  • Balance training with a focus on your awareness of position, posture, movement and changes in equilibrium
  • Jumping and Landing techniques
  • Agility training and education in proper cutting and turning form to prevent injury and maximize speed
  • Training in Plyometrics starting with low intensity and progressing to high intensity
  • And Speed Training

With our guidance, you will learn to integrate these and other exercises into your fitness routine to prevent injury and maximize your sports performance.

Customized Team Sports Fitness Sessions

We also deliver our strength and conditioning programs to accommodate multiple athletes. We’ve trained entire teams and even combined teams! We help unify teams and strengthen each player for best performance and safety. During these trainingsessions we maintain a low instructor to athlete ratio to ensure thorough training and observation.

Ready To Be Your Best?

Let us help you get to your best level. Our education, expertise, and positive, fun attitude distinguish us from other physical therapy facilities, and you’ll know it and feel it with each session. At Balance, fitness is fun!

Choose the Program That Fits You:

  • 1 on 1 training onsite at Balance Physical Therapy in Windham, NH
  • 6-8 week Team Sports program with athletes at your designated facility
  • Small groups of 4-6 athletes at Balance
  • Level 1 Beginner
  • Level 2 Mid-Level (Completion of Level 1 Required)
  • Level 3 Pre-Expert
  • 2-3 sessions with coaches focusing on specific programs that fit your needs such as injury prevention, dynamic warm-up and functional training

To inquire about any of our above programs or to make your first appointment, contact us today at 603-890-8844.




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