Physical Therapy Services

Whether you have a sports related injury, arthritic pain, athletic goals, or any other physical challenges, we offer services to meet all your needs.

Patients of all ages and sizes come to us because we are highly qualified physical therapists with masters and doctorates in physical therapy and certifications in strength and conditioning and athletic training. With over ten years of experience, we know how to best address your physical, spiritual, and mental needs!

Physical Therapy

Whether you require physical therapy for an ankle injury, arthritis, back pain, headaches, hip pain, a knee injury, a car accident injury, joint dysfunction, neck pain, osteoarthritis, post-operative conditions, shoulder pain, spinal conditions, or any other physically limiting and painful ailment, we at Balance are well equipped to get you back in your best shape. Through open communication, education, and fun, we provide you with the environment necessary for the best rehabilitation. We always maintain a light-hearted, relaxed atmosphere where you feel connected to the staff and even, if you choose, connected to other patients. We make rehabilitation at Balance something to look forward to!

Strength and Fitness Training

Reap the benefits of strength and fitness training with us! Want more energy, stronger bones, sharper focus, lower blood pressure, improved coordination, enhanced cardiovascular and muscular endurance, improved metabolic efficiency, a decreased risk of injury, and a stronger immune system? Then, strength and fitness training is for you! With our mentally interactive, physically challenging, and fun workouts, you will train with professionals to achieve your top physical goals!

Sports Medicine

As athletes (rugby players, triathletes, skiers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, kayakers, sailing enthusiasts) and educators of best practices in athleticism, we play what we preach. We know the physical demands of your favorite activities because they’re our favorite activities as well. Soccer, rugby, football, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, running, triathlons, tennis, golf-we’ve worked with all these sports and more, meaning that whatever field you’re on, we’re on it with you! We work with all athletes – college, high school, professional, and “weekend” athletes, and we are well equipped to keep you fit and uninjured in your favorite game!

Equally Serving The Mind, Body and Soul

At Balance Physical Therapy, we have your best interests at heart. That’s why many patients choose us over other physical therapy facilities. Unlike many practices where you work with paraprofessionals for only 20-30 minute sessions, we offer 40-minute and hour-long sessions with experts who boast master-level and doctorate-level degrees in physical therapy and certifications in strength and conditioning and athletic training. When you train with us, you’re training with professionals who will educate you in the best physical practices while having fun! To find out for yourself what Balance is like, call 603-890-8844 to schedule your first session.