Balance Physical Therapy is complete care

Physical Therapy at Balance takes place in a positive, motivating atmosphere. Whether you come to us for rehabilitative therapy, or for strength and fitness training to enhance your personal performance, our commitment is the same. We design individual programs that help you succeed – and often exceed – your own expectations.

Our exceptionally skilled Physical Therapists combine extensive training with hands-on experience.

They hold Masters and Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy and have completed residencies and fellowships at the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University. They are Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists and Athletic Trainers.

At Balance we believe focusing on you will help you make more progress toward your goal.

Typically, a first session at Balance is a 60 minute evaluation with a Masters or Doctorate level Physical Therapist. Follow up is 40 minutes with the same Physical Therapist. At many practices you receive 20-30 minutes of treatment, often with a paraprofessional who doesn’t have the same level of specialized training. Strength & Conditioning sessions are 1 hour long; either 1:1 or 1:2.

Balance Physical Therapy uses an integrative approach that combines hands-on assessment and treatment with education.

When you understand more about how your body works, your therapy sessions and workouts will be more effective.

All aspects of your life are important to the strengthening and healing process, so we also assess your work environment, car and even home office set up, making adjustments as necessary to ensure your complete success.

Continuity of care is important.

That’s why you’ll work with the same Physical Therapist/Trainer at Balance throughout your treatment. But you’ll also have the expertise of the entire staff available to you. Your Physical Therapist will bring in members of the Balance team if they have special expertise that can help you.

We also communicate directly with your doctor/healthcare providers. We’ll make a phone call to your doctor if we discover something important to your treatment.

Healing and strengthening require full participation

Between Patient and Physical Therapist

We enjoy educating you about your body and showing you how to make changes to speed the healing process and maximize your strength and flexibility.

Between Physical Therapists

At Balance staff members work as a team, collaborating to provide you with the full range of our expertise.

Between Patients

We encourage communication and a sense of community between patients. Most of our patients feel a greater sense of connection and inspiration when they support one another during their time at Balance Physical Therapy.